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May 2017

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hamilton farmers’ market

May 25, 2017

It might not be able to cure your Monday blues, but the Hamilton Farmers’ Market can sure satisfy your cravings four days a week. Open Tuesdays and Thursday through Saturdays year round, the Market is located inside Jackson Square in downtown Hamilton. It recently underwent some major renovations, along with the Central Library beside it, but they’ve still kept the Birk’s Clock that can be seen from almost very angle on the top level of the Market.

Celebrating its 180th year, there are 60 vendors that include both local, national, and international goods. These fabulous vendors range from fresh deli to produce to vegan treats and lunch options that can’t be beat.

Not sure what to cook that night? Head to the Farmers’ Market, and try out some boar or bison meat from 5k Bison and Boar Ranch. Looking for some deli? Leslie’s European Market is a staple there, and let’s me try out my poor Hungarian language skills. Need a fresh bouquet of flowers for a loved one or just to brighten up your living room? The Farmers’ Market has three florists there, too. Want a quick meal? There are multiple options that will tickle your taste-buds.

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nine years of dating & nine date ideas!

May 18, 2017

Today marks nine years of my husband and I dating! We met on a bus (more on that some other time!) while in our second year of university, and I’ll admit that at first I played hard to get.

I had just recently gotten out of a relationship that unfortunately ended way past its expiration date, and was resolved to a year of being single and finding myself. I am so grateful he respected my wishes to be friends first and get to know each other. It was so refreshing to meet someone I could completely be myself with, weird moments and all.

The friends phase might have only lasted two months before we shared our first kiss and became a couple, but now I can happily say he is my best friend; my confider; my travel partner; my “pio”; my husband; and an amazing dad to our wonderful little boy.

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nourished is best

May 11, 2017

Preface: Last week, May 1-7, was Mental Health Awareness Week. Though it’s a few days past, I thought it was time to speak about where I am mentally and emotionally before I celebrate my very first Mother’s Day. 

When my husband tells me “you’re the best mommy ever”, I tend to not look him in the eye. It’s not out of modesty or trying to be humble; it’s because I don’t believe him, and I feel undeserving of that title. I’m still trying to figure out what it means to be a mom, and these months have been full of navigating who I am now while also caring for my little one. Some days, I don’t feel like myself. Though I am not diagnosed by a doctor, the postpartum life hasn’t been the easiest and I hope to speak more on it soon.

With Mother’s Day coming up, it’s all about celebrating moms. It is a blessing and quite surreal to me that I’m celebrating my first Mother’s Day, that I have a beautiful son who might not be able to call me mama yet, but who looks at me like I’m his whole world. We spend that one glorious day talking about how amazing moms are, but I think we sometimes edge away from speaking about the difficulties and the pressures that come with motherhood.

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local life

rick rack coffee house

May 4, 2017

As a resident of Hamilton’s east end, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Ottawa Street grow. Though still widely known for its fabrics and textiles, there’s been an emergence of cafés, unique restaurants, and small shops to discover and enjoy. Ottawa Street to the east end is what James Street and Locke Street are to downtown, with an array of local businesses.

“What can I get started for you today, my dear?” were the first words I heard when me and my little one strolled into Rick Rack Coffee House earlier this year. Immediately I felt at home thanks to a wonderful blend of cozy atmosphere, delicious fare, and its passionate and kind owner, Tiana. Having just recently opened in fall 2016, it’s located towards the Barton end of Ottawa Street North and is now open seven days a week.

With its warm brick accent wall, artwork adorning the walls, and a mixture of cozy armchairs with diner-style tables and wooden benches, there’s a kitschy and vintage vibe to the place. Classic sewing machines are found throughout, and pay homage to the origins of Ottawa Street. Here and there are small tables and shelves adorned with works from local artists – Jules’ Gems are a highlight in particular, but there are also candles, greeting cards, coffee mugs and CDs from local musicians available for purchase. You’d think it would be overwhelming, but it’s perfect. It really allows you to discover other local businesses you might not have seen before. With Tamp & Tunes Thursdays, featuring live music in the evenings, and Tuesday evening get togethers in May to bring awareness to mental health, it also provides a sense of community. Make sure to tune into their Instagram for their upcoming events (and to drool at all the food photos).

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