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April 2017

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labour + delivery story

April 27, 2017

Besides being pregnant through one of the most humid summers and early autumns on record, my pregnancy was a pretty straightforward one. Most of my suffering came from the realization that most of my shoes no longer fit due to water retention and my iron levels dipped dramatically low during my third trimester, but the wonderfulness (dare I use that word to describe pregnancy?) during my second trimester made up for the morning sickness during the first and the fatigue during the third.

Even though I started dozing off during my commute home, I was also overwhelmed with excitement. Not soon after my husband and I decided to start trying we found out we were pregnant, and we couldn’t wait to meet the little guy.

My estimated due date was November 6th, though that day came and went without incident. My midwives* assured me that it could happen any day now, which became my immediate response anytime anyone asked if he was here yet.

*By the way, I can only say positive things about my midwifery experience. It is truly care that goes above and beyond. I initially chose midwives for the convenience of getting to appointments, but was overwhelmed by how “on call” they are for you and how they addressed every one of my questions and fears with knowledge and genuine insight.

The evening of November 11th, I slept horribly. It was one of those “I am over this and so incredibly uncomfortable” nights that had shown up as of late. On November 12th, for some reason our husband and I decided to stay up ’til midnight. He was already sleeping separately from me that week; he had a cold and didn’t want to pass that along to me when I needed my “health and strength for labour.” I recall saying good night and then commenting, “I think I’m starting to have contractions.”

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local life

makeology spring craft fair

April 20, 2017

Makeology brings together local vendors to share their talents and homemade goods several times a year. The spring craft fair, and fifth fair so far, was held on April 15th, on a day that felt oh-so-appropriately like spring: damp and a bit chilly during the morning, with the sun finally shining through and a hint of warmth by mid-afternoon.

Hamilton Museum of Steam and Technology hosted the fair, with each of the three buildings occupied by a vast array of amazingly made items. My friend and 5-month old son joined me for the day and we were surprised by a) by how packed but yet non-claustrophobic the place was; b) how people were incredibly kind to manoeuvre out of the way when seeing a stroller and c) how I could have spent way more than I did, but paced myself for sure!

With 65 vendors, there was plenty to take in. From tea towels to posters and cards, to products for beards and delicious peanut butter, to clothes and goods for kids to jewelry, purses, tote bags, toys, candles, pillows and so much more! It was easy to stop and marvel at the vendors’ handiwork and appreciate the uniqueness of what they had made.

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baby life

5 things I’ve learned from my 5-month old baby

April 13, 2017

My days of being in school might be almost a decade(!) behind me, but I’ve learned so much since becoming a mother. My little guy is five months old today and so he might not seem qualified, but he has taught me so much – and not just how to properly change a diaper or how to put a onesie on quickly. Here are five things that I’ve learned from him:

Give things a chance

When Vince was a newborn, activities like bath time or going into his car seat spawned worried looks and even tears. Now he’s trying to swim every time he’s in his bath tub that seems smaller and smaller each time we use it. Going into the car seat brings smiles, as I say excitedly, “We’re going on an adventure!” He’s taught me to give things a chance, even if it might scare me, which is a lot like jumping into parenthood in itself!

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